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Brněnská továrna plstí



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Brněnská továrna plstí, s.r.o. (informally referred to as BTP Brno) is an important supplier of materials known as wool felt or non-woven fabrics.

In addition to yard goods, we offer also other felt products for specialised use (self-adhesive, impregnation, fireproof finish, etc.). The spectrum of our products can be used widely in many industrial sectors; however, it is popular among households as well.

Felts, nonwoven fabrics, and products made from these materials are produced and sold by Brněnská továrna plstí, s.r.o. in Brno at its registered office located at Zábrdovická 2, where, on working days, you can visit our expedition warehouse, which is also intended for the retail sale of felts.
Brněnská továrna plstí