We are not a global player. We do not have branches in every continent. Our head office is not even located in Prague.

In spite of all that, we are sure it is nothing to be ashamed of. Both I and my colleagues work hard for the company, some of us since its establishment in 2000.

Obviously, we have come a long way since then. Every mistake, every disappointment along the way has made us stronger. Every success has given us strength and energy to go on. In order to meet our business partners, we have headed to various regions of both the Czech Republic and the European Union.

However, our objective remains unchanged - to satisfy our customers.

We make no difference between deliveries of our products, goods and services to an industrial company, theatre, kindergarten or a mother on parental leave.

It is not an easy journey. However, I can promise, in the name of the company, that we will persevere and will not go astray.

Radek Pokorný, owner

BTP company


The quality of our work is important to us, and we strive to maintain it every day. However, to be sure our work really complies with internationally defined standards, we conformed to ISO 9001 as early as 2005. Since then, we have been tested annually by an independent accreditation body.

Our company management system has been tested for the area of purchasing, selling and processing unwoven textiles, and has been found to comply with the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016.

Initial authorisation date: 19 January 2005, current certification valid until 9 December 2025.

View: Certifikát / Certificate / Zertifikat ISO 9001:2016.


We support

Dutifulness and quality, thoroughness and satisfaction... Are these objectives important? They are, beyond any doubt. We do not underestimate them, and we do our best every day to reach them. At the same time, however, we realise that there are values even more important for life - safety, health, love. We are aware of the fact there are large groups of people living in the world around us who lack these basic values, not through any fault of their own. And this is the reason why our company focuses on the support of the weakest and most vulnerable - children.

This year, we have been helping within the UNICEF programme.

Podporujeme UNICEF

Our team

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Sales representative

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Sales representative

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Robert Topinka


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Martina Kilikova

Management assistant

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Nada Pokorna

Control and management, HR

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Radek Pokorny

Executive director

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