18.12. - 20.12.2018 - closed for inventory 21.12. - 31.12.2018 - holiday


Where to find us

 Brno, Zábrdovická 2

Third storey (passenger lift available)

 2 3 Vojenská nemocnice

Opening hours

 7 - 11.30 am, noon - 3.30 pm
Weekends, public holidays - closed

Vánoce /Christmas 2018

Út Tue 18.12.Inventura - máme zavřeno
Inventory - we're closed
St Wed 19.12.
Čt Thu 20.12.
Fri 21.12.Dovolená - máme stále zavřeno
Holiday - we are still closed
Čt Thu 27.12.
Fri 28.12.
Po Mon 31.12.

If you purchase

 We accept payment cards

 Payment in Czech crowns or euros

If you have any question to ask

 +420 545 214 892


Contact us

What you can find in the outlet

Our outlet has a wide selection - come and see. If you need something that is not on display, it is not lost! We will try to help and  if we are able to comply with your request from our stock, we will do it while you wait. Or we suggest a suitable solution, ideally in cooperation with our sales department.

In our outlet, you can find:

Almost all products and goods offered in the outlet may be viewed and ordered in our e-shop.