Technical products

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They include especially felt bodies, felt discs and rings, felt sheets, all primarily made from stiff technical felt.

  • Felt bodies - They are made from stiff technical felt, and used for polishing with the use of a polishing paste in order to gain a high gloss of metals, gold, silver, nonferrous metals, brass, aluminium, and other materials.
  • Discs and rings - Discs are used for edge or surface grinding and polishing of various materials with the use of a polishing paste, as padding or guiding discs under grinding strips, etc.
  • Felt sheets - High-stiff, 1x1 m sheets for use in all industrial branches. We can make cut-out shapes, also made to order.
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The basic offer of technical products may be viewed in our e-shop.

Shaped pieces made to order

All materials offered can be further processed to order upon the customer's requirements - we supply, among other items, circles, rings, strips, squares, decorative items, special atypical shapes. Further, all parts may be supplied including special finishes - self-adhesive, non-flammable, impregnated, stiffened, printed, engraved, etc.

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